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miaow! - musketeer_lady
wow, i am bored bored bored. am all on my own in the house - ALL my housemates have gone to the library to do work. i suspect they are not real students. my room is roughly the size of a shoebox, and i optimistically brought about 10 pairs of shoes with me. but actually the house is really nice it's absolutely teensy, but i think that we 5 girls get along a lot better than my previous house did. there were ten people so there was a lot of room for squabbles and differences of opinion and hatred and all that jazz.

but yeah i'm pretty bored cos i've been on my own most of the day, just sticking up pictures in my room and meeting up with my lovely smug seminar group on campus. so obsessed with their own artsy wonderfulness, so indifferent to anyone who is seriously flawed and awkward such as myself. they just kind of look at me over the tops of their (oh so stylish and wonderfully gifted) noses and sit me in the corner so i can be i-g-n-o-r-e-d. they're very good at having conversations over my lap. part of this is my fault because i have a humgous problem with shyness, and so most of my utterences in their majestic multiple presence take the form of a little mouse-with-a-sore-throat squeak. and i think i come accross as a very weird, awkward, staring-at-the-floor totally unintelligent type. so i suppose they can't be blamed too much for never talking to me! it's just they're all so horribly convinced of their utter exclusivity and talent as draaaaaaaaama students. there was a real war at the edinburgh festival. much flinging of jealous and muddy insults along the sophisticated lines of "y' talentless bastard" among the writing and performance artistes!

to be honest, there's probably something wrong with me. how can so many people be so horrible? it must be me and that's why i bitch about them so much!

Current Location: back in York
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Current Music: Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb (how appropriate!)

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