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you can check out any time you like - but you can NEVER leave!!! - musketeer_lady
you can check out any time you like - but you can NEVER leave!!!
i am soooooo close to completing that terrible tangle of a henry james essay that has been plagueing my life all summer! so close! (which is a good thing as it's due in on monday) so why am i on here instead of diligently typing away at it? because i love procrastination. procrastination is my friend. procrastination will get me far in life. procrastination sounds great when you repeat it lots!

i went on the life list the other day - it's very interesting to look at all the things we want to do before we permanently stop moving around. so because this is my journal, and i can do what i like, i'm going to write my own life list down - which has changed a little bit from the one i put on the forum cos my goals change from day to day!

1.travel back to morocco and visit the cascades d'ouzoud again
2.carry on acting - specifically get into alice in wonderland and juan's house of chicken y pollo this term!
3.win a million pounds and buy my parents their dream home!
4.learn to play the harmonica
5.write and illustrate a children's book and dedicate it to my little brother
6.learn to understand my big brother more!
7.perform the most hilarious stand up version of the aristocrats ever to a room of complete strangers
8.NEVER start taking myself too seriously
9.if i get married i want to have a minuscule, simple ceremony and then an enormous party afterwards - and i will not wear a white dress!
10.make an entire outfit for myself by hand
11.do something for charity every year - my last charity event was the morocco hitch.
12.laugh at something every day
13.at some point in my life, become as cool as bob dylan (the epitome of cool - he so is!)
14.travel through different countries
15.live by the sea
16.write more
17.take my parents out to dinner
18.for once in my life be satisfied with myself - give the girl a break!
19.chat someone up (so far in my life i have only been the chattee, never the chatter, cos i'm shy, awww!)
20.learn to tapdance!
21.send someone flowers
22.listen to every one of my dad's vinyl records
23.tell someone the complete truth!
24.tell someone on my course to get over themselves - i'll probably be a wuss and say it to them on the day we graduate, and then run away.
25.become an excellent cook
26.learn to play my grandmother's piano
27.fall in love with someone
28.control my temper
29.learn another language - possibly french if i want to go to morocco
30.save the planet more!
31.take a piss standing up - without it running down my leg! (i have never tried to piss standing up yet!)
32.remain sober my whole life
33.never be able to say my life has been wasted

and after i die...

1....have an enormous comedy funeral - so that if people have to cry, they cry with laughter!
2.be remembered as a swell gal!

ok that was a pretty long list so i hope that it wasn't so boring if anyone actually bothered to read it all! i'll probably think up some more stuff
so...return to henry james. but i might put a poem in above, cos i love the quotes!

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